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We tailor our tree services to meet the particular requirements of each project, and have a track record of completing every job to a high standard.

We can process the wood from felled or pruned trees to your requirements, such as split logs for burning or wood chips for fuel or mulch.

We can also remove all arisings leaving a clean and tidy site. Please contact us to discuss any of the below services in more detail.

Tree Felling and Dismantling

Felling may be required for a variety of reasons, such as tree removal for the development of a site, or because a dead or dying tree poses a risk to its environment. We can provide felling services for trees of all sizes. Where space is limited due to constraints, such as buildings and roads, trees can be taken down in sections to avoid damaging the surrounding environment.

Crown Thinning

We can remove a proportion of the branches throughout the tree canopy to improve appearance, form and tree health and to allow more light to penetrate the surrounding area. This can also be completed in order to reduce the weight of an old tree, allowing it to survive longer.

Woodland Management

We provide a range of woodland management services, including coppicing (cutting trees to ground level to stimulate growth), thinning, felling and replanting.

Crown Reductions

This involves reducing the length of a tree’s outer branches across the whole tree to improve the tree’s size, weight and appearance.

Deadwood Removal 

We can remove the dead branches from the canopy of a tree. This can be completed for the safety of the site under the tree and to improve the tree’s appearance.

Tree Planting

We can supply you with and plant trees in a range of sizes from seedlings (< 60cm height) to semi mature trees of several metres high. We can also provide you with advice on the best selection of tree species to suit a particular site.

Crown Raising 

This involves removal of the lower branches from the tree trunk and is done to increase the height of the tree’s crown.  This may be needed for safety reasons or because the branches are blocking views or growing too close to a nearby building.

Stump Removal 

Tree stumps can be removed from the ground. We carry this out using a stump grinder, which facilitates a clean removal of the stump and minimises disruption to the surrounding ground.

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