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Clients and Projects 

Beacons Tree Services works with a range of clients in the commercial and domestic sector. We have great reviews on Google.

Beacons Tree Services has worked with Forest Holidays in creating their new holiday cabin site at Garwnant in the Brecon Beacons. In 2018 we carried out the initial tree removal work across the site. Tree felling work was carefully planned to avoid damage to the remaining woodland. Since then further tree work has been carried out on the site to assist in the development stage.

Domestic Client

Yew Tree Crown Reduction - Brecon

Due to the yew tree being inside Brecon Conservation Area. We submitted a notification for the tree work to Brecon Beacons National Park for the client. The client wanted to retain the yew but realized it was getting too large and growing toward the neighbouring property. Reducing the size of the crown was viewed as the best option. All waste material was woodchipped and removed from site. 

Beacons Tree Services worked with Jim Davies Civil Engineering on vegetation and tree clearance work in the South Wales valleys. The work was predominantly on Coal Authority and Natural Resources Wales land. Clearing vegetation and trees for machinery access or drainage channel maintenance.

Commercial Clients

  • Caravan and Motorhome Club

  • Natural Resources Wales 

  • Forest Holidays

  • Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

  • Jim Davies Civil Engineering

  • Pryor and Rickett Silviculture

  • Andrew Bronwin and Co Ltd

  • Cradoc Primary School, Nr Brecon

  • Priory Church in Wales School, Brecon

  • Mount Street Primary School, Brecon

  • Trallong, Llanfihangel Nant Bran and Merthyr Cynog Churches

Beacons Tree Services has work for the Caravan and Motorhome Club since Autumn 2019 on 3 sites. As well as yearly tree maintenance work, major tree felling work has been carried out due to Ash die back. This has been carried out safely using a MEWP to avoid the risk of climbing the diseased ash trees.

Domestic Client

Woodland Management - Merthyr Cynog, Brecon


The client was looking to improve their small mixed broadleaf woodland to allow them to walk through. After an initial site meeting a plan was agreed to thin out the number of trees to allow more space for others to develop. Also clearing ground vegetation, crown lifting lowest branches on the remaining trees and removing Ash trees suffering with die back. Wood chip was spread over the woodland floor, logs where processed into rounds and transported down to the house. An area of thicker vegetation was left for wildlife habitat.  

Beacons Tree services has worked with the Wildlife Trust on 4 nature reverses including a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Projects have included road closures and safely dismantling  Ash trees affected with dieback. 

 We are working with Natural  Resources Wales South East area on a  one year contract to clear dead and dangerous ash trees from Highway edges, forest roads and footpaths  in the Wye Valley . The Ash trees we clearing range form  young trees to large mature ones over 1 m diameter. The work involves,  highway closures,  high public use  areas or on footpaths that are very inaccessible for machinery.  

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